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“I grew up in hip hop and have a genuine love for the culture itself. I remember the days when it was pure and unsaturated. However corrupt companies have marketed hip hop in way that saddens us every day. From watching TV, listening to the radio, constantly being bombarded with images that are untrue about the hip hop culture with various unethical marketing gimmicks.” “I’m not mad at the individuals or their particular hustle. It is not in our nature to hate; however when a culture that is so close to us is exploited the way it has been and with its constant growth we can’t help but feel pain. The days of young and mature people being able to vibe to rap together are long gone and have been replaced with saturated images.”

Larry Brock – Somebody

Soulful yet effortless flow. Hard-hitting modern rhythms. And unmatchable hip-hop energy. Larry Brock is an emerging rap artist currently making global moves with his own style of charisma-dripped trap music. Larry’s not in it for the money and fame. He endeavors for all of his music is therapeutic for his listeners. Guided by a strong […]

Coty Martez – Atrocity

Rising Artist Coty Martez Drops new Hip Hop – R&B Single “Atrocity” Shedding Light on the Killing of Innocent People due to Police Brutality No topic is closer to more American hearts and minds today than police brutality and racism. Coty Martez tackles this emotionally-charged environment in an honest and moving way with his new […]

Megamind – Rashad Feat. D Smooth. Trey Trend$etta & Brando Bandz (Prod. Eibyondatrack, Sam)

DOPE New Music From Indiana’s Own Rashad Featuring D Smooth, Trey Trend$etta, & Brando Bandz. The New Single “Megamind” Is Produced By Eibyondatrack, Sam. Check It Out And Tell Us What You Think. Social Media Network:  Instagram youndae100 rashad_mf brandongriffin23 treytrendsetta Location Evansville, Indiana   Related posts: Philly Blocks (@PhillyBlocks) – CEO (Prod. By DP […]

RudySamA Is Coolin In 2020

2020 has been a strange and at times troubling year. With the upcoming election along with the COVID 19 pandemic, our country seems to be in distress. A positive mind frame goes a long way in these times. RudySamA, a “Love” based artist chooses to express that he is unfazed by life. Trying not to […]

17-Year-Old Artist Ghb Baby Releases New EP “Out My Body”

Upcoming artist GHB Baby released a new ep called “Out My Body” following the release of his album “Faded”. His versatility has been showing lately with his music especially on this ep. In an interview, he said, “I don’t want to be like these other artists and talk about the same stuff and rap on […]


This New Up And Coming Artists D-NELL THE DON Is Definitely One To Look Out For. Social Network Links. theofficialdnellthedon@Instagram.com Location OHIO Related posts: Introducing Rising Lyricist/ Hip Hop Artist from Jacksonville, Fl. “BankrollSHELL” Or Barak Is Pushing Boundaries With His New Single “AWAY” Young Goat’s New Hit Single “ Every Nights A Suicide” Upcoming […]

Trip By Kù Bryan Ft. Chaos Dayoungin & BC Heavy

Check out Kù Bryan music very different and a dope artist pictures and music. Social Network Links. https://www.instagram.com/livinginstrumental/?hl=en Location New York City to Charlotte NC Related posts: Heartboy – Brand New Single “Wifey” HOOK Is A Breath Of Fresh Air. (VMG Exclusive) Where is the face of Wepa, Luis Angel GDD?! Jay Jay – Potential […]

The Newcomer Pluto Release His New Track Which Is About His Messed Up Life

Pluto (17) is a rapper from Germany but raps in English, he’s new to the music business and already released 3 tracks. His newest track “My Life Is A Mess” is about current events that hit him and how he getting stressed out. Social Network Links. https://twitter.com/Pluto_711 https://www.youtube.com/c/pluto711 https://www.instagram.com/pluto711_/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/2G0TucjCyytelDDQAyn8yD?si=Z-PC2JrjTGeeAOMPPJ_vRQ Location Germany Related posts: Heartboy […]

Possibly The Next Big Song To Hit The Scene!

Edmond Toussaint (aka: emoneyocean). an artist born on February 2nd, 1999, originally from Newark new jersey, but soon moved at the age of three. emoneyocean grew up in Maplewood new jersey, for fifteen years of his life, an outlier by nature. he has a passion for creating things. taking a different approach to express his […]

Wesley Boy – The Drip

Wesley Boy is an independent musician and dancer, hailing from Nigeria but based in the United States, Wesley Boy has been impressing music fans locally and globally with his unique and great style. He has been known for using his African culture to mix western culture in music. The rapper first released his first single […]