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Zuvie drops his first Hit with Cold Blooded

Zuvie drops his first Hit with Cold Blooded

After dropping over twenty songs on SoundCloud and 3 years of being an Artist Zuvie drops his first hit single. People say the best music comes from a broken heart and Zu is living proof of that.

Zuvie is a 20 year old Somali Artist out of Chicago. Coming up he was compared to Nav. He stated “It’s all love but I’m not Nav I’m Zuvie.” Now he’s making a name for himself through his hard work and music with his best songs being Cold Blooded, Section8Baby and Toosii Type Beat.

You can hear through the music that Zuvie is inspired by artists like Lil Baby and Toosii. Zuvie often name drops Nipsey Hussle. Growing up Zuvie’s older brother would play Nipsey’s music often. Zuvie stated that he looks up to Nipsey as a person.

Additional Media: https://linktr.ee/FDGMusic

To hear more about Zuvie check out his pages,

Instagram: Zuviezu
SoundCloud: Zuvie-Zu
Twitter: 03_Zuvie
YouTube: Official FDG Music

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