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YZ – A Master Plan

YZ – A Master Plan

Nelson Mandela R.I.P. (1918-2013)

YZ (aka Anthony Hill aka “Cushion Graham”) is a entrepreneur/rapper/singer/song writer/DJ from Paterson, New Jersey.[1] He is best known for being a pioneer for the new school of Rap/Hip-Hop.

His career begin @ age 17 when he and DJ Tony D opened company Two Tone Productions in Trenton NJ. YZ and group members G-Rock and DJ Tink released the single “I am who I am/I’m Bad(1989) on Trenton independent label (Rockin’ Hard Records). YZ then acquired half the company Diversity Records also in Trenton NJ. YZ released maxi single “In Control of Things/Thinking of a Master Plan” in 1989 on Diversity Records. He and partner Timothy Baylor would go on to sign rappers Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT). Due to conflicts with Tony D, the man responsible for producing (PRT), Diversity and PRT would sever ties before the release of their first single.