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Young Tiege Feat. Brianna Coburn & The Fade – 90 In A 45

Young Tiege Feat. Brianna Coburn & The Fade – 90 In A 45

Young Tiege is a underground rapper from Houston, Texas recording out of VAMUnited Studios In Saarbrucken, Germany! His breakthrough single “90 in a 45” has got a lot of people talking about what’s next for this artist. His narrative and delivery, along with the catchy hook sang by Brianna Coburn, is the perfect combination for easy listening. Young Tiege is in a league of his own!!! The song “90 in a 45” is about his adventure with a love interest he met at a party and the imagery he sells her to convince her she should leave with him. The chorus “90 in a 45”, as catchy as it is, it is also symbolism for moving too fast with a significant other. Tiege and his partners at VAM-United Studios, especially Mr.RAZ, who directed and produced the music video along side Young Tiege, did a superb job at depicting this imagery in the music video! It’s light hearted, fun, sexy, and all out entertaining! The third verse introduces The Fade, another break through artist out of Knoxville, Tennessee who’s rapid and descriptive delivery really seals the deal for this trio. It’s safe to say that Young Tiege will be climbing the ladder of success soon with his art, talent, and motivation. Be on the lookout! Until then, sit back and enjoy the ride going “90 in a 45” the safest way , right here : http://Young-Tiege.com

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