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Yona Marie – Take Me Too The Moon

Yona Marie – Take Me Too The Moon

“Take Me To The Moon” is the latest single from singer, writer, and producer Yona Marie. Her character in this playful track considers multiple devious approaches that will increase her net worth at the expense of the well-connected yet unfortunate gentleman she’s attempting to court. Combining familiar 90s and early 2000s R&B vibes with sassy and faced-paced vocals akin to rap flows, this track brings new energy to a beloved era of music that will have listeners ready to add it to their favorite playlists and put it on repeat.

Stay tuned for more from Yona here: https://yonamariemusic.com/new-releases
Contact Yona for your music projects here: https://yonamariemusic.com/jingle-maker

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