Home Talent xoxospencer Releases New Visual for “SummerTime”

xoxospencer Releases New Visual for “SummerTime”

xoxospencer Releases New Visual for “SummerTime”

“Spencer Goodwin, aka ‘YungT’, now emerging in his newest incarnation as ‘Xoxo Spencer’, started his already vibrant carreer at age 16. Goodwin, 21, an inspirational urban rap artist, has endured much of the inner-city life that many young, African-American youth experience, and much, much more. Born October 26, 1994 in West Baltimore, Maryland, Goodwin has traveled the eastern-continental U.S. to master his craft of soulful, beat driven poetry. His story begins after overcoming a speech-impediment at a young age, witnessing the murder of his uncle and fellow artist ‘Kevdaprisident’, and working with mentor’s ‘G4’ and ‘DubSity’. Goodwin has embraced the spiritual side of lyrical poetry: encouraging love, embracing tolerance, and making societal situations and art – real, in songs such as: “So Cool”, “TurnUp” (under G4 records), “Thinking” and “Booling” – currently working under his own label: ‘Balling Bro Entertainment’. Goodwin has worked hard to get where he is, surpassing many who fall through the cracks of society, from drugs and mental health issues, to Baltimore’s ever dangerous streets, even continuing with post-secondary education. While balancing his love of writing and his own sultry sounds, this young artist is truly just getting started: in his own words, ‘xoxo Spencer’ recently stated in an interview “…it’s starting to feel for REAL”. His fans seem to agree. I truly hope your hearts, minds and ear-drums are in-tune, for you can expect to be hearing Spencer Goodwin spitting his lyrics in clubs, and on the air very soon…”


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