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Wreck The Rebel – Marbles

Wreck The Rebel – Marbles

Often times when people start acting in a strange way we say, “Damn, they lost their marbles..” Sometimes such can be the case even when we ourselves realize how far we veered off course..

Wreck The Rebel hits us with the visuals for “Marbles”, a tongue-twisting introspective trip into the mind of the west-coast wunderkind. “Marbles”, produced by Musikal, gives us a first-hand view into some of the struggles and hurdles that Wreck The Rebel has been through over the years.

The KonQuest general keeps it way 100 as he details trials and tribulations he had to overcame in order to “get his marbles back”. Fans of good music will surely appreciate the witty banter and slick punchlines, so take a listen and spread the word!

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