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WOK IN PROGRESS – The Bilingual Sitcom

WOK IN PROGRESS – The Bilingual Sitcom

WOK IN PROGRESS – The Bilingual Sitcom

What would life be like for you if you moved to China? What is China really like? That’s what Murray Clive Walker and Victor Muh, the creators of the first of its kind, bilingual sitcom WOK IN PROGRESS, want to show the world; and there’s no need for you to leave the comfort of your own home.

WOK IN PROGRESS is about the adventures and misadventures of two college dropouts from the U.S. as they arrive in Beijing for the first time. At the same time, a noodle shop owner/would-be landlord and his gorgeous daughter struggle to make sense of these two “laowai” (foreigners).

The sitcom plays on the humorous interactions between the “laowai” and the Chinese, and how they try, but mostly fail, to bridge the cultural gap. Check out the sitcom’s website for more information: http://wokinprogress.info.

After self-funding the production of the pilot episode of WOK IN PROGRESS, the series’ creators South African Murray Clive Walker and Chinese American Victor Muh along with the production company Ad Valorem International have just launched a global Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the rest of their series.

They’ve set a goal to raise $30,000 in 30 days while offering cool, fun rewards. Do you want to kickstart your career by being seen by millions of Chinese with a role in WOK IN PROGRESS? Walker and Muh have a Kickstarter reward for that. Have you ever wanted to travel, all expenses paid, to Beijing to be in a sitcom? There’s a reward for that, too.

If Walker and Muh meet their goal, they will be able to continue developing and producing the first season of the sitcom series, which is shot on location in Beijing, China. The good news is that, to date, they’ve already raised $11,400, 38% of their goal, with 18 more days to go.

When asked why he wanted to create the first ever, bilingual sitcom set in Beijing, Walker felt, “After living and working in China for almost ten years, we’ve grown to love the Chinese culture and language. The adaptation to such a foreign environment, although exciting and meaningful for the most part, is still often fraught with challenges and frustrations. Yes, we are all different, but it’s these differences that make us interesting and unique.”

Muh had this to say about their sitcom, “Western characters portrayed in Chinese media are effectively Chinese stereotypes. We wanted to create a sitcom that would portray western characters as real humans with some depth; that can have meaningful, comedic interactions with Chinese that go beyond Chinese caricatures of the generic ‘laowai.’ Cherishing the similarities and relishing the differences is the theme of our sitcom.”

WOK IN PROGRESS will be distributed via Youku in China, YouTube across Asia, VOD outside of Asia, and on local TV in Southern California. Other distribution deals are pending.

The WOK IN PROGRESS Kickstarter page can be found here: http://kck.st/1JwM0aG