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‘WithMyPartners’ Blowin’ Dope Yeah!

‘WithMyPartners’ Blowin’ Dope Yeah!

Backwoods grown guru Nevuh has just recently released the single to his new mixtape ‘The Awakening’. We got to listen to the raw recordings of the tape and it sounds like nothing but bangers to us! The tape has a vibe like no other. Hard hitting beats with lyrics that just flow over the top! Nevuh must be “Chilling with his partners blowing dope” often, cause the single ‘WithMyPartners’ is perfect for that late night smoke sesh with your bros. We got the go ahead to release the track titles to the new tape for you guys. Tracks will be (1) MyOwnAdventura (2) FeelingsGone (3) Bobby (4) WithMyPartners (5) xBody&Soulx. ‘Bobby’ is a track that we think has mad potential. It’s about Nevuh’s main bro who got locked up and how he couldn’t wait for him to get out! Super Banger!! It won’t be the last we hear from Nevuh! We were informed he has another mixtape and an album on the way in the following year sometime! We can’t wait! Check out his pages across social media outlets to keep up with whats going on in the world of Nevuh!


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