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Who Is Ruckus Garvey?

Who Is Ruckus Garvey?


With an ability to switch from classical 90’s boom-bap style to southern-influenced hip-hop anthems, there really is no placing Ruckus Garvey in a particular category or box.

A blend of serious messages, quirky humor, cryptic musings and infectious hooks add to the mystery of this rapper-producer.

In a past life, a founding member of self produced Hip Hop duo Misfits of Science, whose debut single ‘Fools Love’ was first released to New Zealand audiences in April 2004 to nationwide acclaim. The debut single spent an unprecedented 4 weeks at number 1, 18 weeks in the top 10, 32 weeks in total in the top 40, and achieved double platinum status in the process. The album ‘MOS Presents’ soon followed, earning a place in the Top 20 Album charts and achieving Gold certified sales. Success was quick and seemingly effortless for the duo, but unforeseen label issues out of tangible control placed the project on indefinite hiatus, shattering dreams in the process.

Fast forward to 2016, and after a necessary period of processing and reflection, Ruckus Garvey is (re)born. Realizing that despite disappointment and heartbreak there is no forgetting who you are, Ruckus Garvey is ready to roll out tracks that are sure to grab the attention of both the new school and the self-considered Hip Hop purists, communicating a matured outlook and a new perspective from his Misfits of Science days.
Ruckus Garvey’s latest single and video ‘Chip On My Shoulder’ is his commercial follow up to street single ‘Season’ which was released earlier this year. Both tracks will feature on his debut EP – ‘Soundtrack to A Revolution’, due for release this December.

Chip on My Shoulder




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