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When David Bowie Can Learn Piano On His Own So Can You: Things to Remember

When David Bowie Can Learn Piano On His Own So Can You: Things to Remember

Be it David Bowie versatile music or Dave Grohl rock drumming band that inspired you to learn music. What is significant is, did you stand up for your music dream and give yourself a chance to learn it?

Maybe you tried, but due to lack of time, patience, and feeling of incapability might have taken you back from the efforts of learning it. Does this indicate that you must have started it at the age of 5? Absolutely not!

What do you think? It was easy for David Bowie or Dave Grohl to learn music on their own. Of course not, but with dedication and patience, they reached the level in the music world that people still remember them.

You need to just focus and make yourself understand that it’s never too late. You can start anytime and become an expert. So why not now? Just remember a few things:

Begin with the mind of a beginner

You grab your instrument. Start your research for notes and start playing it. But after a few hours of practice, you start feeling disappointed. Within a week of all the hard work and struggle, you feel like quitting because your notes aren’t producing a beautiful song, sound familiar?

It kills the excitement and fun of learning something new when you enter into the process with the mindset of an expert when as an adult. Your mind is already filled with notes and your favorite songs; thus, there is no space left to grab the new concept.

Remember, a beginner’s mind is empty and ready to grasp new knowledge and experiments. So make sure you don’t have all the tunes and notes in your mind. Enter with a fresh mind in the music learning process; otherwise, you will end up quitting. Practice practice and practice. That’s the only key to reach the goal.

Listen carefully to what you wish to play.

Listening to the instrument you wish to play is what will make you learn it efficiently. Make sure you have a proper sound system that reflects the sound of music clearly. There are a few format files that don’t play appropriately on devices like M4A. If you are working on Mac, then M4A is not going to get recognized. Thus to play the music through Mac, you need to convert M4A files to MP3. It is essential to know your devices to learn music on your own. Make sure you take help from this blog post- https://setapp.com/how-to/convert-m4a-to-mp3-on-mac and convert it for a better experience.

Any hindrance in learning can demotivate you, so it’s better to go with a solution. It is always better to follow the sound so that you will recognize the difference when you play the same tune. This activity can make the learning process smoother.

Have realistic expectations

A realistic approach will make you stronger. When people start learning music, they start expecting to learn the tunes in one hour of practice. But that’s not true, right? You need to be true to yourself and be prepared for challenges. Sometimes when you practice for more than an hour, your body will start hurting. But don’t let the challenges bring you down. Instead, stand strong and dedicate yourself to the process of learning music.


We live in a world where instant coffee, instant wedding, and instant downloading works. But unfortunately, you can’t master any skill instantly. Music training not only makes you learn something but even enhances your IQ. So enjoy the music!


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