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WeRdoZe – iWeiRd

WeRdoZe – iWeiRd

The WeRdoZe have returned with their 4th installment. iWeiRd has been critically acclaimed for years in advance. The future is explained in each song, and interestingly things have been getting a little weird now that you think about it. Listen carefully right now, this duo knows music regardless of their age and are extremely talented. Sit back and enjoy the vivid wordplay, exquisite harmonic messages, and downright savvy grooviness the WeRdoZe (pronounced weirdoes) have to offer.
They wish sweet greetings and peaceful tidings to you and your family. It is okay to be weird, We R here. Stay tuned for more WeRdoZe after the tape, back to you world! Follow @WeRdoZe

Download The Mixtape HERE