Home Interviews Welcome To Tha Life$tyle : A Long Beach Story

Welcome To Tha Life$tyle : A Long Beach Story

Welcome To Tha Life$tyle : A Long Beach Story

New music is here and the young Long Beach native has a story to tell, as Rockst*r been moving all around the city and is pretty much seen the good and bad and ugly as well but he stated that he wouldn’t take it away for nothing, as it brought him to become who he is today by being Puerto-Rican in Long Beach is  an interesting story.

VMG had a moment to sit down with the young OG to see what’s new and what’s NEXT.

1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

It depends what going on what going in my life at the time that really helps me in the process what keep me going to push the best out of me weather it good or bad i take all of that and they i got into creating from there.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

When i think of the name Vintage i think of timeless, epic, classic and most important professional where you know your working with the best of the best in the business.

3) Being that you are from Long Beach, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

It varies thru out the years from when i was kid growing into a adult the world knew about the g-funk era, and also gangsta music will never go away for the city of long beach since surround’s with gang everywhere thru the city but since the new wave buzz we have the turnt up us from the ot,staples the list goes on and our state of hip hop is a good spot when so much talent blow up from saviii, stupid young, and etc.

4) With your most recent music single “Life$Tyle” is DOPE, Can you give us some details on how you came up with that song?

Good looking on the support first off and how i came the song was i figure i want to put out my life$tyle that i go with and experience thru out my life and my day to day thing of what kind of goes on in my world.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.? 

Well i find me on ig @rockstarthalifestyle from time to time i will posting new things that goes on in my life and twitter @tripleagang where i share of thing a have going on.

6) Who are some of your influences? 

I would have to say Snoop dog been the face of the beach for years and more to come and then i would say Kendrick Lamar with his flow is one of kind that out of this wold and J Cole with is hungry to win mindset all the time.

7) Any Last Remarks?

No think that i have any but to say stay grinding for your and don’t let nobody stop from what you want to be.



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