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Weaver Records International Announces The New Album – ‘Self-Made’ From DJMWB

Weaver Records International Announces The New Album – ‘Self-Made’ From DJMWB

The urban, melodic, soulful sounds of DJMWB’s newly released album ‘Self-Made’ have catapulted him into the Top 5 Artists in Stockholm on ReverbNation’s charts, and they are available now for streaming and purchase on ITunes, Spotify and Google Play.

It is becoming increasingly more rare in modern popular music for an artist to come forward with a genuine positive message that stems from real life adversity. However that is exactly what DJMWB has created with his latest effort released through Weaver Records International.

On ‘Self-Made’, DJMWB (AKA David Lester) has conceptualized his fascinating journey from the violence and abandonment of his youth in Liberia all the way to his salvation through music in Stockholm. It is the honest portrayal of his remarkable journey that makes Lester’s sound so unique. As the writer, producer and solo-performer on all of his tracks he is able to channel his compelling story into the very fabric of every song. ‘Self-Made’ is a celebration of strength in adversity and a shining example of how modern urban music can portray a positive message and an inspirational story.

The musical influences that Lester has displayed in the recording of this record are vast and create an exciting mix of modern hip-hop beats crossed with diverse vocal melodies. Lester describes ‘Self-Made’ as “my thoughts, my vision, and my true experience. I pray for the opportunity to share my story with the world through my unique and special music.”

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