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Why Wear Winter Sunglasses?

Why Wear Winter Sunglasses?

Why Wear Winter Sunglasses?


The main reason people wear sunglasses in hot, warm months is to protect their eyes. The sun shines 365 days a year, so it makes sense to extend wear to the “off season” or winter. It has the added benefit of looking good while protecting your eyes.


There’s another compelling reason to wear sunglasses in winter. It turns out that the sun is actually at its lowest point in the sky during winter. That means that even if you do not feel it, you are exposed to stronger sun exposure. If you love to get outside in the snow, then 85% of the ultraviolet sun rays reflect back into your face. In other words, it makes it harder to see roadways and the ski slopes.


Oakley Canada product manager of eye wear and goggles, Mikaël Lavoie-Gauthier, knows a good deal about protecting the eyes. Read on to learn more about the advice he gives about winter sunglasses.


This winter, the look is as important as the protection that eyes wear provides. Men are going simple and sticking with classic lines that have new technology fully incorporated into the eye wear. For women, the focus is on sunglasses that are as unique as the individual, with the caveat that they must be practical. The style is meant to fit the individual’s face. Big is out, and fitted is in style.


That means you will be seeing many aviator style sunglasses now. Prints and hues are in style as a part of the personal statement piece.


To protect eyes from the dangers of sun glare and also the powerful and dangerous UV rays, wear winter sunglasses. White noise, the snow, is rough on the eyes. There is just so much surface area for the sun’s rays to bounce back at your eyes. The glare itself poses a danger because it can cause accidents on the slopes or on roads.


The sun is as powerful during the summer as it is any other season. A lot of people assume that heat is the only indication of the strength of the sun. That’s not the case. The sun shines every day, and it is closer and more direct in winter months.


Get sunglasses that protect against UV rays and eliminate the sun glare issues. For pedestrians, sun glare may cause headaches. For drivers, sun glare can cause blinding light that causes car accidents. And, for cyclists, glare hinders sight enough that they can end up hitting potholes and other road hazards. Check out these Chanel Sunglasses.


Skiers and snowboarders alike know that sun glare is not only distracting, but it can cause accidents too. It can be hard to refocus the eyes, maintain the clarity and split-second thinking needed to stay safe on the slopes. It can be downright exhausting doing runs without eye protection.


Tips For Online Sunglasses Shopping

The best way to find sunglasses online is by further narrowing down your search. Use the tools that the sites provide. For instance, look for polarized lenses to eliminate the majority of the sun’s glare.


This is where it gets more challenging. Sunglasses are not all the same quality. Not all polarization is of the best quality. Your job is to locate the highest quality polarized lenses. A word to the wise here, ensure that the polarized lenses are of high quality craftsmanship as well. Some glue-bonded materials actually exaggerate distortion.


Check out sites online that talk about face shape. Find glasses that work with your face shape. In general, while we all love a good deal, do not dismiss optical quality for cheap materials to save money. You want the lenses to protect your eyes. The lenses should be tested and assured by the manufacturer.


Trends For Spring


In the upcoming Spring, Unisex is all the rage. Look for curved and rounded lenses, and interior features.


To care for your sunglasses, keep them in a case to prevent scratches and dirt from accumulating. Also, to clean the lenses, use a micro-fiber cloth. If you need to clean the micro-fiber cloth, do so by hand. Ensure that there is no soap residue left on the cloth.


That rounds out the news about Winter sunglasses and upcoming trends.


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