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Vulture Gang Mafia Taking You “Under the Wing”

Vulture Gang Mafia Taking You “Under the Wing”

Release date: October 31, 2019

“Vulture Gang Mafia” and the entire state of New Jersey, will soon know if the 30 year drought is over for the capital city of “Thirsty Jersey.” t Vintage Media is betting the house on that. Executive Producer and VGM President (CEO), Yay Leno has teamed up with the Trenton based, independent label Dope Hitz Entertainment, who achieved mainstream success 2 years ago. Their lead artist, Ria Adams, landed her first two singles on the Digital DJ Pool Top-40 Pop Chart.
Leno has definitely recruited the finest unit outta “T-Town” for the long awaited and highly anticipated Vulture Gang Mafia debut release, “Under the Wing”. Led by a Star-Powered “Big 3” that would make an NBA team jealous, Yay Leno, Rocky Jones & Nezaveli each bring different weapons to the fight, keeping you highly entertained on EVERY TRACK. I promise you. October 31st. COP IT! And remember Vintage Media Group told you first!

“What what you say,
got shooters on my timeline,
We got good “D”
and I’ll take the charge like Bron Bron.”

-Yay Leno

“Under the Wing” (Vol.1)
(will only be available for purchase the website)

www.vulturegangmafia.com (October 31)

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Trenton, N.J. a.k.a “the Arm n’ Hammer”
“West Trenton”
“Hermitage Block”

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