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Vintage Media Group Spotlight: HelikaMuziq

Vintage Media Group Spotlight: HelikaMuziq

1. How long have you been creating music and what made you want to start creating music?

I’ve been creating music for almost two years now. In October 2022 it will officially be 2 years on this musical journey. I’ve always been a music love and singer. However, in 2020 I went through a major break up. This break up shifted the focus on ME & what I wanted to do. It directed me back to my first love which is music. I wanted to tell my story and connect with people through my experience. 

2. Has the environment you grew up in affected the type of music that you create and if so how? 

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. It is important to me that I never forget where I came from. However, I grew up around a wide variety of music. My Dad was a Dj and had an extensive music selection. A lot of my music comes from personal experiences as an adult. 

3. Break down your style and sound, plus tell us what makes you different from other singers?

I am a Latina R&B singer. A lot of people think behind every Latina comes Spanish music. I am the complete opposite. I make music that feels good to ME. Regardless in Spanish or English I make sure to stay true to myself . I love the slow vibes & I love R&B. I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone else because I believe there is something unique behind every artist. I have the heart, drive and passion for my music. I do everything out love. 

4. Break down your process in writing a record, then recording that record and do you find it better to write at home or in the studio?

Personally, there is no right or wrong way to write music. I usually find a beat first, then begin with Melodie’s. Sometimes I write a poem or lyrics first then search for a beat. Sometimes a melody comes first and a beat later . It all just depends on the mood & vibe. I have a home studio where I practice my music before taking it to my engineer. I never go to my engineer unprepared. Everything is always 100% complete on my end from home before I get anything mixed or mastered. 

5. You have a record called “Not Your Girlfriend” and it has an interesting concept. Please break it down for us and tell us how this record came about?

The song “Not your Girlfriend” was written when I became freshly single. I was fresh out of a relationship and was experiencing the “dating” scene. Dating could be tricky and can be short lasting as well. This song is to keep in reminder that dating is “cool”, however you should always count on yourself first. It’s a fun song full of vibes and self independence. This was my first single release. 

6. The video really gives the record a visual aspect that people may not have foreseen. What was the process in writing the treatment and will we see a part two showing potential number 2’s date?

I worked on this project for a few months before we shot anything. I wanted this video to have old school vibes and a meaningful story behind it. It was to show that you can’t trust anyone but yourself. The ending was more of a statement rather than a situation. Sometimes women become so invested in lust that they forget their worth. I wanted to convince the audience that dating around is okay, just always have your own back first. 

7. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

I would love my brand to be huge and main stream. Not only would I love for my hometown to enjoy my music, but for the world as well. I would love to work with my dream producer Dj Mustard. I see my brand being bigger than I could imagine. I see myself being more creative & campaigning my music as a lifestyle. I see myself sharing love through my music to a variety of audiences. One day at a time. However, In about 5 years I plan to be established musically with a few projects under my belt. 


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