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Vintage Media Group Speaks With Aceron

Vintage Media Group Speaks With Aceron

What made you put Lil Eazy-E and Gizelle on “Wavy” and what do you feel they bring to the record?

Ok. Eazy gives the record authentic west-coast vibes I felt could complement the heavy bass, and drums. Gizelle smooths the record out. I felt them two were a perfect match along with me giving the raspy voice blend delivering the grimy Chicago story. We can’t lose.

Where did yall do the video at and how long did it take to get done?

We shot the first half in Chicago, Illinois in my hood (51st & King Drive) the second half in Compton, California on Greenleaf Blvd. It took about two weeks because of everyone’s schedules.

What do you feel “Wavy” brings different to the music industry?

Authenticity the game is so watered down now, and “Wavy” is real.

What other business ventures do you have going on outside of music?

I’m into real estate, stocks, you name it we are doing it. We try to touch everything we can.

Biggest lesson learned in life so far and how has the lesson helped you?

Save your money. I always say that because I remind myself even when I say it. This game is so wishy washy you just never know.

Where can everyone find you?

At AceronYBMG online everywhere or https://www.youngnbrave.com

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