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Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With The CEO Of National Credit Resource Tony Guilbeau

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With The CEO Of National Credit Resource Tony Guilbeau

Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

“I grew up in a small historic town with a population of 3k  out of Grand Coteau   , Louisiana . 

How has your hometown & up bringing influenced your grind?

Growing up in my hometown was a normal yet tough environment yet coming  from a hard working Mom and Dad trying to keep food on the table for me and my brothers . Jobs and opportunities were very limited without having some type of degree or an educational background  . Seeing my Mom and Dad struggle instilled a type of fire in me to take school and education very seriously but in the process I has a new born son and with being a father at 18 you grow up fast . With growing up fast I also made a decision to engage in the street life that would later get me a 30yr prison sentence for drug trafficking . Yet still I manage to graduate high school  and before going to prison I started learning how to sell cars , designer bags even started a record label trying to find a legal way out so that my son wouldn’t live the life I had chose. 

We hear You are making a great impact in the credit repair market, how did you get in to credit? 

I got into credit after meeting my mentor whom I worked for as a precious metal stock broker. 

I became his top broker for 7 years but wanted to take on something new.  Seeing how volatile  the stock market works with its ups and downs I wanted something that was steady and something I can have my earned money work for it’s self .so I went out to purchase some real estate property and was told I didn’t qualify because I didn’t have any established credit history with the banks  even though I made over 500k a year . So that’s when I knew how important credit was . Being a broker I bought everything mainly cash until I started educating myself about credit  and eventually began fixing my own credit  until I was able to buy my mom a home with putting little money down . then I fixed my family credit , then my friends credit and on to thousands of others across the US . 

Credit is a key factor to life. From homes, ti cares to lines off credit it is very important to maintain a healthy credit score. What advice would you give to a newcomer to stay in the green? 

The advice I would give a new comer to stay in the green with credit or life is to treat credit like your life depends on it to breathe because having good credit allows you to financially breathe and live. Always make sure and monitor your credit . Don’t be late on any payment just like you wouldn’t want to be late at your job because with credit it’s about establishing a great relationship with the banks and what they basically want to see is that  not only if I lend you this money and you pay me back but will you pay me back on time so don’t ever be late and always remember the goal is to always treat and use the banks money to help build your empire . Every establishment has been built with the banks money . They control and govern the financial world and having great established credit is the gate way for them to open their doors to you. Credit is Power and Financial freedom . 

We see you have done some humanitarian work. How important is it to you to give back and uplift the community ?

Coming from a struggling background in the early years of my life and seeing how hard it is to live without credit or a good job to where I’m at now owning multiple businesses that was funded through credit I can now give back and educate people but showing them through their own lives how quickly credit changes your lifes financial situations and the ones who chose the street life like I did that they don’t have to engage in anything illegal and how you can easily get a 50 to 100k loan just by having a simple 700 credit score .I’ve changed many peoples mindsets and the way they live so I go out and speak financial literacy to schools, events etc .

Where can our audience follow you & stay in tune?

You can following me on instagram on my credit restoration page @ ncrllc and personal page @_tony_guilbeau_.  Facebook — National Credit resources and TicToc ncrllc along with my website . Www.Nationalcreditresource.com


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