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Vintage Media Group 6.0 Updates

Vintage Media Group 6.0 Updates

With This Update, We Here At VMG Wanted To Make This A Big Change And Transition Into Making This Website A More Competive And More Robust Website For Our Hip-Hop Heads…

1. Vintage Media Group has a new and revamped “Logo”.

2. “Cook Films” is now added to the website: we do specialize in various visuals for all occasions, Pre-production, Post-production and more. Check out some of our past visuals HERE…

3.“Related” section on the new site is improved & updated for all current and future posts.

4. The “Choice” has a new and informative rating system on any Mixtapes/Albums in “Choice” section.

5. New and improved “Search Bar” capabilities for easier searches of current and archived media on VMG.

6. Our popular social media sites and pages are added to site for easier access to VMG official pages: YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter.

7. The site is 3x faster than previous website.

8. New page and T-Shirt for “Vintage Lifestyle” and Logo.

9. New and improved VMG mobile with layout, and functionality changes. You can download our app from the website. “Apple OS, Android, Mobile Web”

10. Minor Bugs fixed

11. Our database was updated and optimized for better functionality of the overall website.

12. SEO optimized settings for better results on posts being viewed on: Google, Bing, Yahoo

13. New “Art” & “Publications” sections will be added mid to late 2013.

14. New iPad 6.0 update, for functionality and overall better experience of VMG on your iPad.