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Vintage Media Group 2014 Showcase

Vintage Media Group 2014 Showcase

Here at Vintage Media Group, we are very excited about the re-launch of our website. And with all the nuances of the website; we wanted to hit the fans and supporters with a Bang. So we will offer our version of a Cipher/Showcase for talented artists but with a little twist.

“Vintage Media Group 2014 Showcase” Selection will consist of:

1. Hand selected artists (selected by a panel)
2. 16 or more bars per artist(s)
3. Original verses only
4. Artist will provide freestyle or verse based on the theme for the year
5. The artist can provide either a video or song of the freestyle

The Showcase Theme This Year Is “Vintage”

Check out the artists who were selected this year and give us your opinion on who had the BEST showcase this year.


Sky 7th – New Vintage

Phill Nicks

Phillip Nickelz – I’m Vintage


Cardiac – Love Has Died