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Vintage Lifestyle [Limited Edition] On Sale

Vintage Lifestyle [Limited Edition] On Sale

Vin-tage: The ability to have a distinct characteristic or certain level of individuality of a certain person or group. The ability to share similar interests and belong to the same period of time which will become a defining factor within ones own image.

Life-style: The style in which one lives, the attitude, habits, tastes, and economic level that when brought together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. It is a way of life and style which reflect the attitude of and individual or a group by the way they choose to live.

Vin-tage Life-style: Living ones life with a high level of individuality and allowing the persons to define their own image through the eyes of others who exhibit the same qualities, attitude and taste for an elevated lifestyle. It is for those who have a craving for something more out of life and are not meant to fit inside the status quo.

M.Logan (LuvTank Productions)

With the newly redesigned VintageMediaGroup.com, Vintage Media Group has elected to promote this one time exclusive event by introducing the Vintage Lifestyle Brand to its supporters. These shirts are not only exclusive but limited due to them only being created once. They are an original piece to Vintage Media Group and can be purchased through VMG’s website.

(Particular Colorways Will Not Be Produced Or Distributed Again.)

Retail Price: $10.99 (shipping & handling is not included) Standard Shipping (3-5 Business Days)
If interested email us at jcook.vmg@gmail.com with which Color & Size.