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Vincent Coleman – 9 Islands [VMG Approved]

Vincent Coleman – 9 Islands [VMG Approved]

9 Islands is the mesmerizing debut album from Los Angeles born & bred, electro-soul producer Vincent Coleman, showcasing a nine-track collection of his most precious works to-date; all of which have been significantly inspired by the power of honesty, eclecticism and the overall beauty of music itself.

His debut record explores the journey of falling in love and being forced to face your deepest fears, with each of its tracks representing a different “island” that we all eventually need to concur in order to survive; sexuality & intimacy, emotional imbalance, loss & loneliness, overcoming your fears and ultimately finding that one true love.



  1. While Vincent Coleman continues to be true to “his” sound one can’t hope for a bit more of his voice with less of the background music which is essential to his albums, yet sometimes take away from Coleman’s voice. On the tracks where Coleman allows his voice to soar and not drown in the background music though we are left with a great sound. Don’t get me wrong, some of the songs combine Coleman’s voice perfectly with the instrumental use, but at times the lyrics come secondary to the beat. This is only disapointing when you listen to the lyrics and come to the realization that Coleman is an exceptional writer.

    Primitive- The album’s first track is in true Coleman fashion equally sexy, mysterious and filled with great sound. Where we get to listen to Coleman rise above the background noise we become engulfed in his voice and allow his tune to carry us to the next track.

    FreeLove- My personal second favorite of the album is one of the rare tracks of the album in which Coleman’s lyrics are completely followable throughout the whole song.

    Linear Symmetry- Once again we are challenged by our want for more of Coleman’s voice vs the instrumental sound. This song requires your full attention to appreciate the message, but once you’re there Coleman’s hold on you becomes a tight grip that doesn’t let go throughout the whole song.

    Naked Fools- While Linnear Symmetry does not flow well from its previous track, this one is a perfect follow up to Linnear Symmetry. The fun beat continues and while Naked Fools does not have the same mysterious flow that Linnear does, Coleman’s voice keeps your attention and wondering where he’ll take you next.

    Simmer Down-My favorite track brings us back to why we love Coleman. Remiscent of Sweat in its sexy lyrics and seductive sound. Coleman seems to have the most fun when talking about the very sensitive topic of s-e-x. This track is definitely one to listen to when in the company of a special someone (or multiple others, if that floats your boat).

    Beast- The bedroom fun does not stop with Simmer Down. Beast is equally as seductive as Simmer Down. The second part to Beast is the true stand out of the track while the beginning leaves you wondering if you’re listening to the same song.

    Animal- Maybe I lied earlier when I said Simmer Down was my favorite track. Animal is the first track of the album that makes you want to jump up and dance and just have fun! The only mistake made here is that this song isn’t followed by the equally upbeat Pure Pressure.

    Drowning Ways- Coleman’s voice soars in this song and the lyrics are pure magic.

    Pure Pressure- The last track of the album takes an upbeat twist that is highly welcomed giving maybe a sneak peak to Coleman’s next album.

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