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Vers’tyle – Control (Evolution)

Vers’tyle – Control (Evolution)

Montclair, New Jersey rapper Vers’tyle presents “Control (Evolution)”, a freestyle over No I.D.’s beat for Big Sean’s “Control” song featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Vers’tyle first came to notoriety via his freestyle over “The Recipe” which he followed wup with his video for the A.N.S.-produced “The Round Up [interlude]” (click to watch). “I’m all about being a competitor,” says Vers’tyle of his decision to rap over the “Control” beat. “I did it for the sport. For the music. I think a lot of people are just rich and comfortable. That hunger is hard to maintain when you’ve got your feet up and you’re chillin. I see it like those old WWF hardcore champ matches. You gotta defend your belt 24/7 when it comes to other people in your weight class. When you move up in the ranks, and your headed to the hall of fame, then you can take a breath. It’s just more fun to me.”