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Undeniably Genuine (UNG) – Necessary

Undeniably Genuine (UNG) – Necessary

4.0 World Records artists Undeniably Genuine (UNG) drops a banger with “Very Necessary”

New music from the Louisiana natives UNG is providing the streets with their versions of RAW and Hard Hitting lyrics, which is needed as the mumble rap era is turning into the rap game new normal. With the strong and cutting edge production from “Slack Traxx Production” and the witty wordplay from the group, which elevates and propels the song further within the streets, radio stations, clubs, and or your personal playlists.

VMG had a moment to sit-down with the group to check out the DOPE new single and MORE…

1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

Creativity,the team aka each other and family.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

Only the best, quality, people of vision who truly See’s and seek real talent to share.

3) Being that you are from Shreveport, Louisiana what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

A growing sound with s fusion mix of Texas,South Louisiana and its own voice…Ratchet City aka the Jungle.

4) With your most recent music single “Necessary” can you give us some details on how you came up with the single?

A must to merge today’s elements with the true essence of hip hop. It’s very necessary to take it back to real hip hop…by taking the sounds of now and creating the diversity of what hip hop is….aka this is what happens when you mix the Mumble generation with the flow generation.


5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

WWW.ITSUNGMUSIC.COM Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all @ITSUNGMUSIC. Find our music on all digital outlets available world wide.

6) Who are some of your influences?

UGK, OutKast ,No Limit,Cash Money, Scarface, 8-Ball- M.J.G ,The Dungeon family,NWA,2PAC, JAY-Z,BIGGIE,WU-TANG,DIPSET,RUFF RYDERS…It’s just way to many to name.

7) Any Last Remarks?

Follow your dreams,follow your passions,support is key so #SUPPORTSUPPORTSUPPORT


Social Network Links.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all: @ITSUNGMUSIC

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