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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Men

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Men

It’s Christmas so you know that means don’t you – turkey, egg nog and Christmas gifts! Whether you’re making up your own Christmas gift list or buying for someone else, we have the perfect Christmas gift guide for men right here. From your pops to your bro to that special fella in your life, we have a gift for everyone!
Although we can’t take all the credit for this ultimate Christmas gift guide for men, we have to thank a few of our favourite e-tailors The Selectiv, Topman & John Lewis for their inspiration.

Clothes always make great Christmas gifts for anyone, especially for men. I’m sure all the ladies out there will agree with me on how difficult it is to shop with men so why not make this task easier for yourself and just do it for them! Let’s face it, it’s easier to drag a small child around a shopping centre than taking a man because at least they can be easily bribed with sweet treats.
Here is a great shirt that we fell in love with from The Selectiv’s men’s shirts range.


The most classic gift that you can buy any man is a pair of great colourful socks! Every year when I ask my dad what he would like for Christmas he always gives me the same response which includes a lecture on knowing what value for money is so I always just give up and buy him some socks which he ends up loving. So if you are looking for a quick, easy and simple gift, then some wacky socks like the ones below from Topman are the way forward and they make great stocking fillers!



You’ll need something to toast the festive season this Christmas so why not put some hairs on your dad’s chest with his favourite bottle of scotch. Alcohol also makes great and easy Christmas gifts for men and you can get some extra special Christmas editions that will look great sitting under your tree.


Choosing the perfect Christmas fragrance is a toughy. There is so much choice out there and once you’ve smelt a couple different scents they all start to smell the same so you end up just going with the one that has the best reputation and has the prettiest bottle.
You want to make sure that your man is always smelling great because the wrong smell could have serious impact on your rep as the best Christmas gift giver so here are a few of our recommendations:


Games always make the best Christmas gift for men so what better way to put a smile on his face this Christmas than by getting him that game he has been dying for to go with his new console. If you are not much of a gamer and have no idea what makes a good game then my advice would be to go with anything that is action packed or has something to do with sport or cars.


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