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Twista Clears Up The G.O.O.D. Music Signing Rumors

Twista Clears Up The G.O.O.D. Music Signing Rumors

Twista has long collaborated with fellow Chicago rap veteran Kanye West. Amongst rumors that he was signing to West’s G.O.O.D. Music label, the rapid-fire spitter addressed the matter in a recent interview.

“Yeah, my words got a little misconstrued when I did an interview, and I told the person it was possible because my main producer [The Legendary Traxter] works a lot with Kanye,” explained Twista to AllHipHop.com. “I really just left it open on my end as a possibility, but as far as us having any talks on anything actually happening concrete, nothing has happened like that as of yet. But as far as that being a possible place for me to end up, as far as me feeling right, then I would say, yes. But as far as anything transpiring, nothing has happened like that yet.”

Twista added that he is looking forward to have Kanye West add to their list of collaborations, which includes “Slow Jamz,” “Overnight Celebrity,” and “Impossible.”

Twista further explained his chemistry with “I definitely think when me and him go in the studio, we have an energy, and I think, what it is that he brings out of me is, like, once he goes into it and has an idea for a song, it’s just different.”

“It’s Kanye, so it’s like ‘wow,’ and I gotta do what I have to do to compliment it or mess with it. So I think I go into a mode when I think it’s time to work with Kanye, and I think when he has a vision of me on a song, he’ll listen and he’ll be like, ‘man, I hear Twista on this.’ And usually it’s a perfect fit when he hears a person on a song.”

Source: HipHopDX.Com