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Twan T – “That Guy”

Twan T – “That Guy”

Starting off dabbling with music was more so a hobby for Twan T. After being inspired by a close friend from Jersey, he realized maybe having a music career could turn out better than he expected. Now a YouTube sensation from his video Take It / Remember The Name with over 53,000 views, he is going full force into the music industry. Let’s find out what he’s up to and how sometimes something that starts off as a mere hobby can change and make certain dreams come true.

A. Marie: What made you start taking music seriously?
Twan T: Well my friend from Jersey came up to visit. We used to record on a program that was on his laptop. He told me I should look into taking music more serious, so I gave it a try.
A.Marie: Would you call yourself a rapper?
Twan T: No I wouldn’t say I was a rapper. I feel a rapper is somene who is making money or has a full career from it. I would say I am an artist.
A. Marie: Describe your music.
Twan T: My music is real personal. Everything I put on my songs, comes from some aspect in my life.I try and stay away from boasting and bragging. I feel it can all be here today and gone tomorrow.
A Marie: Have you ran into any criticism against your music?
Twan T: I have had some criticism. Some people feel I shouldn’t curse in my music. Some people don’t like the slower tracks. I take all the advice and criticism in and I keep it moving. Being an artist, you have to understand you can’t please everyone with your music. But overall, I am definitely welcome to any kind of input.
A.Marie: So in your video called “Freak for the Weekend” you slowed it down a little bit for the ladies. Is Twan T a ‘Ladies Man’?
Twan T: I love women. I guess you can say I’m a “Ladies’ Man”. The lucky lady in the video is actually from Ohio and plays in a lingerie football league. I felt special because she took the weekend off to come shoot the video with me. Shout Out to Tamar.
A.Marie: Tell me about your most recent video.
Twan T: My most recent video is “That Guy” that I shot with VMG was shot in Indianapolis. I feel it’s a upbeat club song. I met a group of dancers called the U Rock dancers. I’m not a real energetic dude, so I felt they would be perfect for the video. So a week before the video I went to Indy to meet with them and we found some amazing spots to shoot he video. I think it’s one of the best videos I’ve done so far. It is actually about to be released very soon.
A.Marie: How can your friends contact you?
Twan T: My website is www.TwanTsounds.com. On the website you can find my booking information, my contact information, and my upcoming performance dates. I am currently working on a facebook fan page which will be a fan page under the name Twan_T. You can find me on Twitter as Twan_T.