Home Talent Trippy New TREEZUS Music Video – HUMBABA [Dir. Treezus] | @TreeLagDC

Trippy New TREEZUS Music Video – HUMBABA [Dir. Treezus] | @TreeLagDC

Trippy New TREEZUS Music Video – HUMBABA [Dir. Treezus] | @TreeLagDC

An artist out of DC that goes by the name of Treezus, from a collective known as Yellow Cloud, has graced the rap community with a dope, hard and super intriguing visual for his new release, titled HUMBABA! If you haven’t heard of the names Treezus or Yellow Cloud, please do yourself a favor and check out their YouTube and Soundcloud pages! It will definitely be worth it! You can thank us later.

Treezus delivered us a grimy and gritty experience dipped in a batter of dope and deep-fried! HUMBABA takes us on a journey through an eerie farm land that looks like it’s from the likes of a Leatherface movie! One moment we’re asking ourselves “what the f*#k were those saw’s being used for?” the next “well that’s a freaky looking cow,” (side-note: we didn’t know cows could be so freaky until this video… creepy animals, those cows…) and then as the visual progresses we seem to delve inside the property to find ourselves lost in a darkness filled with creepy dolls, ominous figures, masked people, sexy dancers, butts and sexy dancers with butts wearing a horse head!… lol not a real one obviously but still… it had us asking a lot of questions… The inside of this farm land is reminiscent of a trip of acid that takes us to a creepy underground strip club on a farm, then all-of-a-sudden zooming down city streets leading back out to the farm!… trippy… I also don’t think we mentioned that this entire video and track was written, performed, shot, directed, edited and had artwork made by Treezus himself! Bringing a new meaning to the phrase “Jack of All Trades!”

During this entire visual journey the raw, hard and gangsta tune produced by Alpha Diallo of Les Autres, is connecting the vibes and feeding us something exquisite! Lyrical wordplay combined with a vigorous flow and wide-range of vocals by Treezus, come together to bring the wave that has become known as HUMBABA! Switching from English to Spanish with ease, Treezus makes something a lot of us bi-lingual listeners can vibe and connect too! Even adding a dash of “coño!” for our Caribbean brothers and sisters! “Papi don’t play/ no this papi’s a problem” Treezus states as he finishes up his first verse and we must agree… this papi ain playing!! And we can’t wait for more!

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