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The Top Tips For Festival Camping

The Top Tips For Festival Camping

The Top Tips For Festival Camping


Festival camping is fun and can be a great experience for those looking to enjoy their weekend. However, ensuring you’re prepared is essential and these tips are there to get you ready.


Get A Tent That Is Larger Than You Think You Need


If you are going to be camping with someone else, you should not get a 2 man tent.  A 2 man tent will actually be ideal for a single per, but when both of you are inside there will be little room for both to lie down.  You should always look at getting a tent that is one person too large.  This will ensure that you have enough space to move around when everyone is inside.


Practice Pitching Your Tent


If you have never pitched a tent, or you have a tent that you have never pitched before, you need to practice.  You should pitch the tent in your garden and practice taking it down.  If you are having a problem with pitching the tent, you might want to consider taking a pop-up tent which requires less work to get up.


Look At The Rules


Before you head off, you need to look at the campsite rules.  Most festivals will have certain items that you are not allowed to bring with you.  This is why you need to check before you go because you need to know that everything in your festival survival kit is actually allowed.


Pack A Sleeping Mat To Stay Comfortable


If you are thinking about getting any sleep, you need to have a sleeping mat as part of your survival kit.  Sleeping mats are very light, easy to carry and will make sleeping in your tent much more comfortable.  When you have to sleep on the ground of your tent, you will be guaranteed an uncomfortable and cold night.  There are some inflating mats that you can get as well which will add to your overall comfort.  However, if you are going to be craving the comforts of home, an air bed may be the best route.


Arrive At The Campsite Early


When you arrive at the campsite early, you will ensure that you are able to get a good spot to pitch your tent.  Arriving late will not only mean that you have to park much further away, you will also have to try squeezing your tent into the remaining spaces.  These spaces will also be the ones that no-one else wanted so there is generally an issue with them.


Think Carefully When You Pitch Your Tent


When pitching your tent, you need to remember that proximity to the toilets is key for festival survival.  You do not want to be too far away from the toilets, but you also do not want to be too close because you are going to be faced with the unpleasant smells for the whole festival.  You also need to try to avoid pitching your tent close to footpaths because these will be used all night and will make it harder to sleep.


Remember To Clear The Ground


Once you have your spot for your tent, you need to remember to clear it before you pitch.  Remove any stones and sharp objects that you can see from the area.  These things will not only damage your tent, they will also be very uncomfortable to sleep on.


Think About Space


When you pitch your tent, you need to think about where other people are going to be pitching their tents.  There are some people who will try pitching their tent in any space they see.  Pitching your tents closer together will ensure that no-one tries to squeeze in between.  Of course, you need to remember that you have to leave space for the guy lines.  If you are going to have 3 or 4 tents in your group, you should look at creating a circle with all the doors facing inwards.


Mark Out Your Territory


Once everyone has arrived for the festival, there are going to be thousands of tents covering the campsite.  When it gets dark, this will make finding your tent very difficult unless you take the time to mark it out.  A colorful flag or something similar will help you distinguish your tent from all the others.  If you want to take a more tech-savvy approach, you could get a remote-controlled tent finder which lights up to help you find your tent when it is dark.


Keep Your Valuables Safe


Your valuables such as your phone, money and IDs needs to be kept with you at all times.  A bum bag or money belt will help you keep all of your valuables close to you and safe.


Bring Food With You


You need to bring food with you because the food at the campsite is going to be expensive.  You should look at taking non-perishable foods and drinks.  If you have a camping stove, you will also be able to start the day with a cooked breakfast.  If you want to keep cool drinks, then bring a cooler for the weekend – a cooler can be confusing to make a decision on, so check out All Camping Stuffs cooler guide.


Do Not Jump Into Your Tent When You Are Wet


While it might be tempting to get into your tent when it is raining, but you will regret this later when everything inside is wet.  To avoid this, you need to make room in the tent where you can get in and take off all your wet clothing.  Packing microfiber towels will also help you as they are light and dry quickly.


Take Repair Equipment


Repair equipment is an essential part of your festival survival kit.  You should look at having some duct tape, spare pegs and spare guy ropes.  This ensures that you can quickly repair the tent when things go wrong.


Remember Your Wellies


The last tip you need to know about is to take a pair of wellies.  The campsite will get extremely muddy if it rains so you need to be prepared.


Now that you have all the information you need for your festival survival kit, you are ready to go.



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