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Tom MacDonald – House In The Hills

Tom MacDonald – House In The Hills

Los Angeles – Vancouver – Furthering the rising heat for his mixtape LeeAnn’s Son, Tom MacDonald is back with another original video, this time for his second single “House in the Hills”. As always, MacDonald took the lead in directing and producing the visuals, with filming by Jeremy Cox. Set 25 years into the future, the short gives an intimate look into MacDonald’s life, while the track reflects his current ambitions.

“The visuals that I released for my last video [Wannabe], were so unusual, I figured it would be best to rein everything in a little bit for “House In The Hills”. With that being said, this is still a conceptual art piece. My vision for this video restricted me from showcasing traditional hip-hop aesthetics,” said MacDonald.

Upon return from his first European tour with American hip-hop group Onyx, Tom MacDonald became homeless, and took up residence in a studio for thirty days during summer 2013. Within that month he produced LeeAnn’s Son, which he premiered live on stage when he returned to Europe for his second tour. The project was officially released for the public on June 1st, 2014, with “Wannabe” as the leading single.