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Tips and Pointers To Look Fashionable During Summer Festivals

Tips and Pointers To Look Fashionable During Summer Festivals

Tips and Pointers To Look Fashionable During Summer Festivals


Some of the most stylish festival looks are on display beginning this summer. Whether you are only looking to dress it up with cool fashion or planning on hitting as many events as possible, absorbing the musical culture, below you will find some of the festival styles which have really become popular and are guaranteed to turn a few heads.


Well know that with British weather, rain can be expected and with that strong winds and plenty of mud will be factors everyone going to festivals will have to take into consideration. An all-time classic favorite that is still hot as ever is the Wellington boot. You can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary with the use of bright colors such as yellows, reds and greens. The great thing about wellies is that since they are flats, dancing the night away will not be a problem.


Pastel colored, lightweight tops should be taken into consideration for an effortless outfit. This year’s trendy looks include colors such as blues, whites and pinks. The funky side which accompanies this festival look is all a part of the style, the free spirit of the party lovers and music enthusiasts is conjured up with the laced, cropped and off the shoulder looks.


Accessories are an absolute must with the festival look. A chunky brown belt and a bag to match are staples, however headbands, necklaces and bracelets are where the fun begins. The choker necklaces which offer any look an extra bit of edge have been introduced this year, adding a pòp of color to outfits with the use of layered bracelets is another trend. Here is a good guide.


At a festival, extreme makeup is a must, when it comes to the craziness of tents, there is no such thing as too much. Some of the most eye catching designs can be created with the application of glitter, face paint and of course UV paint. If you do not want to go for the extreme, you can add some festive glamour by applying some glitter to your forehead, sides and cheekbones.


The playsuit at festivals is an absolute classic. It is not only a convenient and comfortable choice of attire it also pairs well with some metallic sandals or wellies. Pattern designs are a must, this will really make you stand out and add a certain kind of drama to your look. Being as they come in either short or long sleeved options, they are an excellent choice for the famous British weather.


Tips and Pointers:


If you are festival beginner, do not overlook bringing along a waterproof and some bug jumpers, they can be quite inexpensive and there are also good looking styles that can be purchased are many high street stores.

Never leave without a pack of makeup wipes!The chances of finding a decent shower if any at all during a festival are not high, with some makeup wipes you can at least freshen up a bit.

Floral is the way to go, at an event at least one bad hair day can be expected, having a floral head band can really be useful and look quite pretty as well.

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