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5 Tips For Dressing Like Bond

5 Tips For Dressing Like Bond

“A fashion piece on dressing like James Bond”.

James Bond has a universal appeal in terms of style and fashion and in a lot of ways is timeless. All men could take some cues from Bond on how to look more dapper. There are numerous ways to do so and numerous great items to buy as the infographic below shows. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to dress like Bond and look great.


Infographic: Shadestation.co.uk

Don’t Assume That the Suit Salesperson Has Good Fashion Sense
Out of the more than hundred suit salespersons that I have hired over the years, I would say that less than 10% of these individuals had good taste in dress clothing. Training a person to measure properly is very easy to do. However, trying to train them to have good fashion sense is very difficult. Just because a person is an expert at getting someone measured properly doesn’t mean that individual is an expert at creating your desired look.

Just Say No To Pleated Pants
One of my most important rules is no pleats. Pleated pants can give your lower body a curvy feminine appearance and are very unflattering. What’s even worse is that pleated pants have a tendency to cut very baggy toward the top and also have a strong tapering effect. In addition, pleated pants are intended to be worn high up on the waist, just below where your belly button is. They will look even worse if you try to wear them somewhat lower, since they will just poof out. Pleats added more fabric at your hips and waist, which makes those areas of your body look larger than they actually are. I don’t any good reason to wear pleated pants. This really should be my No. 1 rule.

Get Pants That Have A “Rise” That Is Lower Than Average
A pair of pants “rise” measures from the top of the waist down to the crotch. The average rise for a pair of pants is 11 to 12 inches long. When pants have an average rise, you need to wear them nearly up to your belly button. My preference is wearing my pants closer to my hips and lower, just any good pair of jeans. Try doing this with pants that have a long rise, and the crotch in the pants will sag and make you look sloppy (from the back and front). The better way to approach this is getting a suit that has pants with a rise that is lower than average. That will make a big difference, particular for younger guys who don’t like wearing their pant high up on their waists.

Don’t Have Cuffs On Your Pants
When your pants are being measured by a tailor in order to hem them, be sure that you let them know you want to have “plain bottom” hemming. I have a rule that cuffs should go only on pleated pants. And since you won’t be getting pleated pants, you won’t want cuffs on them.

2 Button Suits Are The Best Looking And Never Get Over 3
The best way to go is to get a 2 button suit. Avoid any suit that is over 3 buttons. Keep the lower button unbuttoned whenever you are wearing a 2 button suit. Button your middle button anytime you are wearing a 3 button suit. Wearing a 3 button suit doesn’t violate any important rules like pleated pants do. However, whenever possible, get a 2 button suit to give you that hip James Bond appearance. What’s really nice about a 2 button jacket is it also works really well with jeans.

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