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Thousand Times Feat. Jessika Shaunnelle “Timeless”

Thousand Times Feat. Jessika Shaunnelle “Timeless”

‘Avant Garde’ Visual From Thousand Times & Jessika Shaunnelle Catches The Attention Of Documentarian.

The internet is an powerful instrument that has the ability to connect people regardless of time and space. In the case of Thousand Times and Jessika Shaunnelle’s latest visual it connected them with a talented music filmmaker by the name of Justice Laquan. Justice is the owner of ‘InDaCityKids’ in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The young film producer was moved by the powerful visual too the song ‘Timeless’ and decided to travel over 6 1/2 hours to meet with Jessika Shuannelle and Thousand Times to capture their story for his ‘4Teen40’ documentary series. The hour long documentary will chronicle the journey of Thousand Times Jessika Shaunnelle and how their latest record ‘Timeless’ has changed their lives.

While filming Justice met Larrin Granderson the co-owner of the ‘Soule Juke Box’ recording studio
and discovered that not only was Larrin an accomplished musician and business owner but a skilled painter as well. Laquan was so impressed with Granderson that he decided to dedicate an entire an episode for his program. Make sure to follow each other these amazing artists’ stories on IG @ Thousandtimes.liftoffmusic – Jsjtheoptfarmer – Indacitykids – Soulejukebox –


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