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What Are Thooooooose… Dinosaur Shirts?

What Are Thooooooose… Dinosaur Shirts?

What Are Thooooooose… Dinosaur Shirts?

As little kids, we wanted to grow up to be dinosaurs. Years later, that obviously didn’t happen, but we figured selling dinosaur graphic tees was the next best thing.

Started by two friends who drink too much and have seen Jurassic Park one too many times, Fossilized Fashion has shirts that appeal to everyone. (Everyone who likes dinosaurs, that is.

Do you put the “herb,” in “herbivore?” Check out our Ganjasaurus shirt, for anyone who appreciates keeping it green. We know you’ve heard that hot Big Sean track that’s burning up the stereos of everyone out on a Friday night. Unfortunately, we can’t say the name of it here because (1) we’re keeping it PG right now, and (2) we really don’t want to get sued. Just check out our shirt “I Don’t Duck With You.” Maybe you like things a little… rough? Or hell maybe you just really like movies about kinky businessmen with love dungeons in their homes. Either way, check out our shirt 50 Shades of Extinct if that’s your thing.

We’ve got even more designs at our site, http://www.fossilizedfashion.com – and we’ll be adding more on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to, and follow us on social media!


Portland, OR