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The Hottest Rap Group out of New England!

The Hottest Rap Group out of New England!

Introducing New Englands hottest rising rap group – POMAGRANITE. Yes spelled incorrectly on purpose, Pomagranite has multiple meanings to the group, as some of the members are from Massachusetts & some from New Hampshire. POMA stands for Part of Massachusetts (MA) and Granite is the state rock of New Hampshire, which helps complete the spelling of POMAGRANITE.

Made up of 3 rap artists (Della Kinetic, Everett Gibbons and Joeyroxitt), Producer and Singer (Bryll) and Producer & Engineer (Charlie Mixwelh) this group has found their music successfully on the “Best New England Hip Hop” review, of 2018. The Pomagranite team combined has over 3 million plays across all streaming platforms and have performed at multiple popular venues across the country. High volume, fast paced, and rhythmically oriented, Pomagranite’s music is the fresh tunes that you need to hear.

Their EP titled “The Treatment” dropped in early 2019 and has garnered over 100k plays and has found itself on various Spotify & Apple Music playlists. The team recently performed “The Treatment” in May at Club Los Globos in Los Angeles, along with artists Caye, OnCue, Ryan Oakes and Dylan Owen.

Pomagranite is just beginning and getting their name on the map – they’re gearing up to release a new project for the summer of 2019 so go follow them on Instagram @pomagranite_records to stay up to date with new music!

VMG had a moment with one of the hottest Rap Groups from England, and asked what’s new.

1) What keeps you motivate when it comes to your music?

Trying to out perform ourselves compared to whatever came previously. Always trying to level up and learn new things to become a better producer/artist. Trying different things when mixing, writing lyrics, singing styles, the types of beats we make. Everything for us is a checkpoint, a bar set. So whatever comes next needs to be higher than the bar we set previously. A friendly competition with ourselves.

But rather than trying to be better than last time, there’s a lot of camaraderie between everyone as far as support goes….but NOONE wants to be outdone by another person on the song, so it requires everyone to be on top of their game. We have two rappers who have been rapping for the last 10 years doing shows, with another rapper who has been doing it for 1. So if the guy who has only been doing it for a year out does you…you know you need to get back in the booth and make something happen. Same way mixy has been making beats for 10 years…If Bryll makes a beat that outshines mixy, you can be damn sure that the next time he see’s mixy hell play 10 beats to make sure they know whose got the juice lol. And if Bryll hears a mix from mixy that’s sounds really good…he then know he needs to step up his game.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

A multi media company that advertises and promotes up and coming music and entertainment, as well as classics.

3) Being that you are from New England, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

New England has a lot of dope artists. I think everybody knows of each other mostly. Rap Night NH has a great scene in Manchester nh and Portland maine. Cambridge has the middle east who throws great shows as well as Salem ma. I would say our style of music is a combination of all of us. melodic, fast paced, heavy 808s, new school with heavy old school influence. The best way to find out is go listen and determine for yourselves

4) Can you give us some details on your new project?

This project is very different. Very different from anything Della & Everett has ever done as solo artists. We really tried to mesh all of our styles and ideas as the artists that we are. It’s turning out to be really dope and we think a lot of people are gonna be surprised by this project. Being in Cali during the writing process definitely had a subconscious effect on all of us creatively and really worked out in our favor.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.? 

IG – @pomagranite_records
FB – Pomagranite Records
Twitter – @pomagraniterecords_
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4909TxAnc4n9V8KPkBVoDA?si=zSnbcExvQXeYxBCYFJUqew

6) Who are some of your influences? 

Mac Miller, Drake, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Andre 3000, to name a few. All of them (and more) have helped shape the way we listen, write, rap etc. They’ve all influenced us in some capacity, which in the end has made a path for the way we create music. We’re constantly learning and improving in every department, and having a wide variety of musicians to influence us is really the cause for us to keep our ears open to new sounds which constantly keeps us motivated.

7) Any Last Remarks?

We’ve got a new project dropping early July that we’re super stoked about – it’s a great blend of all of our styles. We really think people will vibe out to this stuff, with the hope that you guys will continue to fuck with us and our music. Follow us on social media for more content and go follow us on Spotify so you can be notified when we drop new tunes! Thankful for everyone who is rockin with us!



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