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The Extremities – Check Your Led

The Extremities – Check Your Led

The brand new EP by The Extremities, Instruments featuring Ghettosocks, is now available for download and streaming!

As production albums go, The Extremities have pulled out all the stops on their latest release, Instruments, a title that sees the duo piloting the studio with an eclectic range of tools and sounds. In addition to MPC’s and 1200’s, keys, synth and horn arrangements, Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester are joined by Droppin’ Science label mate, Ghettosocks, as the project’s officially featured emcee, for a tour de force. With appearances by Percee P, Reks, Relic, Megaran and more making for some incredible hip hop, The Extremities craft an EP with character and depth, offering soulful instrumental masterpieces as well, a blend that has garnered them accolades since day one.

Accompanying Instruments is a series of live performance videos. Setting things off with Adeltron, you saw Fresh Kils and Uncle Fester effortlessly weave the work of Adele & Deltron 3030 into an entirely new beast. Now listen all y’all as Kils and Fes put the heat to Led Zeppelin and The Beastie Boys to forge Check Your Led into being.