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The Best Setup for Your Online Guitar Lessons

The Best Setup for Your Online Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar can be an intriguing and enjoyable experience. It can also be a stressful ordeal unless you have the right set up and equipment at home.

Now, three vital elements must in place in order to enhance and facilitate the guitar-learning process. They are:

  • A guitar
  • Audio and video-enabled device
  • A stable and reliable internet connection

You should always bear in mind that this is all about learning how to play the guitar. Do not beat yourself up if you are unable to put these resources together as you prepare for online music lessons. You can get started with the resources you already have, and then improve on them as you go.

However, having a great setup enhances online learning experiences. For instance, if you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to see and hear your teacher in real-time. You won’t experience any lag, and the lessons will go on smoothly without any hitch.

Seeing and hearing your teacher clearly online goes a long way in facilitating our learning experience. If your teacher can get a lot more details as they observe how you pluck at the strings of your guitar, the more relevant advice or feedback they can offer. This is vital as you will be able to measure your progress as you go steadily from a beginner to a pro.

Resources Required for Your Online Guitar Lessons

These resources are essential and will play vital roles in your quest to becoming adept at playing the guitar:

  • Your guitar
  • A camera
  • A strong and stable internet connection
  • Audio and video-enabled mobile device or computer
  • A music stand
  • A USB microphone (this is optional, but highly recommended by experts)
  • A pair of headphones (this is also optional, but highly recommended as well)

When you have these in place, you are more than ready to start tackling your online guitar lessons. Check the next section for more details.

Additional Tips for an Impressive Online Lesson Experience

These additional tips will significantly improve your online learning experience:

Create and Use Your Regular Practice Space

Setting up your music-learning equipment in your regular practice space puts you right in your element. Your practice space should be an area where you can be relaxed and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Moreover, setting up shop in your regular practice space allows instructors to set eyes on your space. If any adjustments are required, especially regarding your equipment and how you set them up in your practice area, your instructor will give recommendations on how to go about it.

This is highly crucial as it is often said that practice makes perfect. The more you practice after each guitar lesson, the better you will get at it. And your practice area contributes significantly to your progress as well, thereby making all your practice sessions truly enjoyable.

Make sure your practice area is free of distractions and arranged in a quiet corner of your home. Get a comfortable, armless chair that is highly suitable for playing the guitar and permits free movement. A stool would have been in order, but you may have to consider your back and prevent any backache. Your chair should have no wheels or swivel.

But what if you prefer standing when playing your guitar? That’s no problem at all; get hold of guitar strap and use it accordingly.

Let’s take a look at your resources:

  • Your guitar

There are different guitars out there: acoustic and classical guitars do not require any special reprogramming or setup.

Electric guitars, however, are another matter entirely. They are usually not loud enough when used on their own. This is why you need to get one or two equipment, such as an amplifier and an audio interface for your electric guitar. Let’s break it down a bit more:

Amplifier: Plug in your electric guitar to an amplifier in a low setting, just enough for your microphone to pick it up. Amps can get loud very easily. However, you should be careful so that it doesn’t eclipse your speaking voice.

An audio interface: You can go online to get any of the numerous audio interfaces out there. Audio interfaces are electrical gadgets that allow users to connect directly to a computer. An audio interface can be used to connect your electric guitar to your computer.

  • A Camera

When you set up the camera, position yourself in such a way that your instructor can see both hands as well as the fingerboard of your guitar. This wide view also allows your instructor to direct you on your standing or sitting posture as well as the positioning of your instrument.

  • A Reliable Internet Connection

Always check your internet connection/speed to prevent a slow connection. Then check the recommended speed for live video sessions and the duration of the lessons. This will enable you to determine the best internet connection to use for your live guitar lessons.

  • A Music Stand

Place your music stand right next to your device or computer. This makes it easier for you to focus on your sheet music when undergoing your online guitar lesson. Make sure it doesn’t interrupt the view of your instructor in any way.

It would help if you also got an adjustable tripod or mount as a device stand. The mount is adjustable so that you can raise or lower it or adjust the angle of your device.

  • A USB microphone (this is optional, but highly recommended by experts)

A reliable microphone ensures your voice is delivered to your teacher with high quality. This allows your instructor to hear your accuracy, tuning, and tones.

This is why experts highly recommended that you get your hands on a good-quality SB microphone. Therefore, go online, research, and read the reviews of some of the best but affordable USB microphones on the market today.

  • A Pair of Headphones (this is also optional, but highly recommended as well)

Headphones enable you to hear your teacher clearly, and this is because the sound quality is much better than speakers on your smartphone, laptop, or computer. They help to block out and minimize background noises, thereby improving your ability to concentrate during your lessons.

Bluetooth headphones are highly recommended so that you don’t get entangled unnecessarily with cables.


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