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Ten Instagram Tips For Musicians

Ten Instagram Tips For Musicians

Ten Instagram Tips For Musicians


Are you a musician looking to improve your presence on the web and grow your social media followers? Well, these tips are there to help – take a look.


  1. Your Instagram Name Should Be Reserved



Instagram, just as with Twitter requires that you log in and create an account as an artist or a band. The band account should not be your personal account, not many people will find a picture of what you had for dinner as a platform for engaging you. If the band name you intended has already been used, you can try adding a location, for example “AltitudeUK” and makes sure that the email account you set it up with is different than the one used on your personal account.



Tip: If securing your username is becoming difficult, there is a Trademark policy that Instagram has in place, by getting in touch with them, claiming your business Instagram name is a feasible possibility.



  1. Set Up Your Band Profile



Instagram allows you, as a mobile app, to add an image for your profile, it is important, for the sake of continuity, that you’re Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile image match, you can also add a bio and a link to your website. This is something you should take advantage of, however keep it simple.



Instagram for the web has also been recently launched by Instagram, this allows for a web profile as well, so make sure you log in and update all of your information and adjust the settings to match what you want and need.



  1. All Your Social Profiles Should Be Synced



The great visual tool that is Instagram, makes it the ideal starting point from which you are able to post on other social platforms. For example, with Facebook, you are able to share your photos on Instagram to your Band Page, this guarantees content that is more prominent and larger on timelines than on other posts that are more standard.



Tip: By going to Profile > Edit Settings you can connect your Twitter, Facebook and any other third party social media platforms you may be on.



  1. Tell Your Story



Just like on any other social media platform, Instagram is another platform where your story can be told, this time however you can use images. Prior to setting up your account, look into what users are the most drawn to, look into other bands who have effectively used Instagram, what do their fans engage with? You have to have  a reason that people will want to follow you.




  1. Edit Your Content and Schedule



Being consistently aware of how those following you have been engaging with you content is as important on Instagram as it is on any other platform. If there has been no engagement with the posts posted at nine am, wait until lunch break. Steer clear of consistently posting promotional messages, let followers know how your week is looking. Post images that are useful, insightful and meaningful to encourage viewing experiences that are positive as well as to drive engagement.



Schedule your updates intelligently, this is something that can be difficult and at times, some of the best images appear in the moment, experiment and find what works best for you as well as for your engagement.



  1. Use Each Platform Accordingly



The best way for Instagram to really work, is to have its synced with all your other social media platforms, so when there are posts being uploaded to all of these sites. A different tone of voice with each is best. As you are posting the image, consider changing the content of the message as well as the tone.  If you have posted an image on Facebook, you do not want to ask your followers to retweet it.



  1. Get the Entire Band Involved



Maybe you will not find many photo opportunities, there may however be another band member who does. For a variety of viewpoints and voices, the entire band should have access to the Instagram account, this is also a great way in which followers are able to connect with the entire band.  It is however important to make sure that this does not turn into too many updates or duplicate posts, to avoid clashes, consider regulating who is posting and when.


  1. Engage your Community of Fans



When on Instagram, it is important to be engaged, being as it is social media it is a reciprocal process, you too must follow fans, brands and bands, like and comment on their posts and photos, this is especially important if your band is mentioned. If a fan has snapped a picture at one of your gigs and then posted it to your Facebook, like the post on Facebook as well as on Instagram. You could even created an album dedicated to fan Instagram Photos. Never forget to reply to any comments, not doing so is very rude. One great way to look popular and engage people is to purchase more Instagram likes from companies such as Vibbi. This can make you seem popular and will in turn aid engagement.



  1. All Photos Should Be Tagged and Geo-tagged



As on Twitter, the use of hashtags increases your visibility. Makes sure that there is relevance to your hashtag, a tour name, location, photo descriptor, promotional campaign, etc. Keep it simple, a post becomes an instant eyesore when more than three hashtags are incorporated.



Geo-tagging is another thing that Instagram is focusing on, so if adding your location to the images is something that you do not mind, you should implement it. This will add context to what you are doing and the image you are sharing.



  1. Research Your Social Media Community



It is always important to learn as much as you can about your social media community, this helps to optimize the content of the images you are sharing. There are sites such as SimplyMeasured and Statigram that can be used to see the times when you have most engagement on your posts throughout the day, what filter was the best you used, as well as identify the exact people who are most engaging with your content.



You and your life as a band or an artist should be reflected via Instagram, it is important that it reflects your own voice as well as engages with your followers.


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