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Fighting Nazis And Falling In Love. Who The Hell Is “Half-Off”?

“We spray painted a bridge and got into a fight with a nazi inside of Wawa. It was a great day” That pretty much sums up my brief conversation with “Half-Off”, who just released their new single and video for “Witching Hour” September 15th. Nothing short of a modern-day boy band, the duo is cultivating […]

Noble Lyfe – Who Is This Fast Rising Talent?!#

Noble Lyfe is a Brooklyn native that has lived in various parts of New York throughout his life, curating his diverse and unique sound. After the recent release of Noble Lyfe’s song “Stella”, people started to show him some attention seeing as how his “feel good” vibe seamlessly mixed with his lyricism and story telling. […]

Finding the GOAT: Who Is the Greatest MC of All-Time? (4 Part Series)

This is a question that has engaged Hip-Hop fans for more than 30 years. The discussion about “The Greatest Of All Time,” made “GOAT” for short—thanks to an LL Cool J coined term—represents much more than a debate about one man or woman’s verbal prowess. Inside that conversation, who we deem to be our GOAT […]