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Jacob Blomfield – Who is he?

Who is he and what is he about? Check out this featured interview with upcoming artist Jacob Blomfield. VMG: Okay Jacob, great to have you here. We noticed you’ve been making a come up…. ultimately within the past few days. How does that make you feel? JB: I’m not sure how I feel just yet. […]

De’Wayne Jackson – Who Is He?

HOUSTON, TX– To be fresh faced, talented and on the verge of something special. It sounds like a page fresh out of “To Be Young, Gifted & Black” but instead its the preamble to Dewayne Jackson. For months the 18-year old rapper has starred at the walls inside of his room and transferred those thoughts […]

De’Wayne Jackson – Bike & A Dream

Over a single piano note opening, De’Wayne Jackson echoes in that squeaky pitched singing voice of his “And who is he?” That’s been the general statement stamped on his upcoming mixtape of the same name (out next Monday) and for good reason. When you’re not even of the legal limit to drink, a lot of […]