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Fosho Feat. Essele & church.fr – TRUTH [NSFW] [VMG Approved]

** This Video Has Nudity And Is Not Safe For Work. 18 Years Or Older To View ** Los Angeles producer/rapper Fosho releases highly acclaimed album “Mali, Molly & Tamale”. Check Out This Very Creative And Interesting Music Video From Fosho Feat. Essele & church.fr – TRUTH [NSFW] Related posts: Buss Of FT – The […]

Truth – Hate Love [VMG Approved]

The song isn’t radio friendly from a production stand point, and it’s so fearlessly honest in subject matter that I actually changed the title from what is shown on the attached mixtape track list. I chose to do this so that those who aren’t already familiar with my music, wouldn’t just see what appears to […]

Truth – Antisocial

The song is called Antisocial and is produced by Kmeeze (@3LOVEBELOW), who produced a handful of other songs on the project as well. The mixtape which is title ‘The Troubled Tape’ will contain all original music, and will be available online on August 20th, 2013. Related posts: TMDM Is A Rising “TRAP STAR” Meet Erik […]

Con-Man – Bogies & Coffee

The release of his latest mixtape, Bogies & Coffee has come to a satisfactory conclusion and ready for true Hip-Hop heads across the Globe. Bogies & Coffee is a title rapper Con-Man has been sitting on for several months. It represents what he consumed while making the project. Although cigarettes and coffee are an unhealthy […]

Truth – Forbes Magazine [Behind the Scenes]

Here’s a short and simple peek behind the curtain at the making of “Forbes Magazine”. All footage was shot at Wayne Manor Recording Studio in Akron, OH and edited by Shawn Collins. Related posts: Viral Instagram Videos Attracting Unwanted Attention!

Truth – Troubled (A Story Of Truth) & Sinner’s Anthem

Chronicling the life and times of Truth (born Iad Carson), Shawn Collins (Director) paints an honest an often unpretentious portrait of the struggling Hip-Hop artist’s uncompromising attitude toward the music business, fashion, and most importantly – fatherhood. Truth – Sinner’s Anthem feat. Mikey J Related posts: Viral Instagram Videos Attracting Unwanted Attention!