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Jay Z Takes on Spotify, YouTube, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon Martin [Freestyle]

Jay Z takes on Spotify, YouTube, deaths of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon in #TIDALXJAYZ freestyle Tidal Concert. Back in the day, Jay Z went after other emcees in verse. Now that he’s a mogul, he goes after multi-billion dollar corporations. During his TIDAL ‘B-Side” concert tonight, HOV defended his fledgling streaming service by […]

The Mothers Of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell & Michael Brown Meet For The First Time (Interview With CNN)

Lean On Him: The Mothers Of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell & Michael Brown Meet For The First Time (Interview With CNN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ1rPgvOUxk Related posts: No related posts.

Nipsey Hussle Takes Part In Trayvon Martin Crenshaw Rally

The parents of Trayvon Martin hosted a “Peace Walk & Peace Talk” event on Saturday July 19th, at Crenshaw High School. Artist, Nipsey Hussle who grew up as a staple in the Crenshaw district alongside Kobe Bryant took part in the panel discussion on Community activism and racial profiling. For the effort, Nipsey’s newly formed […]

Jung Phil – United

“Due to the growing controversy over Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman, I decided to write a song to support the Martin family and movement. It’s sad to see that even in 2012-2013 we still have issues, and I mean serious issues, with racial discrimination in the United States. A CHILD lost his life for going […]

Plies Gets A Chain With Trayvon Martin’s Face

Plies has been vocal in his support for Trayvon Martin since his untimely death last year, but he’s now taken it a step further. The rapper took to YouTube earlier today to show off a gold chain he’d gotten made in Travyon’s honor, featuring a pendant with the late teen’s hoodie-covered face made out of […]

Black In America : Part 1 [3 Part Mini Series]

Watch the mini-series Black In America, and witness the ignited reality New Yorkers feel everyday. In the light of The Trayvon Martin Case and its concerning acquittal heard across America, one talented artist from the Bronx, E Joox, makes his voice heard with a forceful combination of lyrics and photography depicting the realness of the […]

Will Hill Feat. Money Makin’ Nique – Getaway [VMG Approved]

Atlanta’s up and coming rapper Will Hill is at it again, this time with a new visual for his song “Getaway” featuring Money Makin’ Nique, from his latest project Ramadan (livemixtap.es/h4e) which released back in February of this year. The video features shots of the artists in a retro-do the right thing atmosphere yearning for […]

Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake Pay Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake have joined the millions of people who want justice for Trayvon. Last night during their Legends of Summer stop in New York, Jay and Justin performed Jay’s “Forever Young” in honor of Trayvon Martin. In unrelated news, Jay Z has officially dropped the hyphen from his name. Related posts: No […]