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Mötley TYR : I’m gonna be the lost soul leader

Panucha Udomthanasap, Aka Mötley TYR, Thai rapper from Bangkok, Nawamin city.He start to be Artist at 28, and just released his first song name “Dead and Horny”but not trust the title this is not an indecent song. he made a beautiful rhyme and his music can make you have a good vibe but his lyrics […]

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The “Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement” are Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness, and Community Awareness in music. CHECK OUT OUR “PLAYLISTS”: Hip Hop Worldwide, Underground hip hop, Live Music, DJ Sets, Mixtapes, Roots of hip hop, documentaries, and more… Reggae, afrobeat & the sounds of the 60s and […]

Swedish Hip-Hop Instrumentalist And Producer With Dope Sounds

Based in Bangkok, Hiro Future has picked up a sense for the Asian Hip-Hop scene. With a style that fluctuates between Japanese Hip-Hop and oldschool Beats, Hiro has shaped his sound into a soulful and raw journey. Check out his frequently updated Soundcloud page and hit the like button. Social Network Links. https://soundcloud.com/hirofuture Bangkok, Thailand […]

DTACH – Focus

FOCUS is a burner for ppl to get introduced to DTACH the METAPHYSICAL EMCEE and TAIJI TEACHER DTACH has re-released “Nightmare”. If you live in Phuket, Thailand you already know about him but its time for the rest of the world to know. The video for FOCUS on FB is over 80k views and 17k […]