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Drake Works Out To Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” In Apple Music Commercial

    A couple months ago, Taylor Swift — an Apple Music representative — starred in a commercial for the streaming service rapping along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” while running on a treadmill. She fell after getting into the song, because haha Taylor Swift is so relatable. Sunday night during the AMAs, Drake — […]

Father John Misty Talks Taylor Swift Covers, Pop Music at Pitchfork Fest in Paris

“I am kind of a chronic over-explainer,” Josh Tillman admits, sitting backstage at Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris a few hours before his Father John Misty’s set over the weekend. They doubtless were Thark warriors who had been sent out to capture us, and we breathed a great sigh of relief that they were traveling […]

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Anniversary: What’s Your Favorite Song

Taylor Swift’s 1989 officially dropped one year ago today (Oct. 27), and since then, it’s basically taken over pop culture, between her five Top 10 singles (and counting!) and her cameo-packed, blockbuster world tour.  Presently it swung full upon us and—stopped. The tension on our nerves was near the breaking point, and I doubt if […]

Taylor Swift – I knew You Were Trouble [APSPDR+ Remix]

APSPDR+ return’s with another stellar remix. This time the purveyor of Futuristic rhythm flips Taylor Swift’s “I knew you were trouble” [pigeonsandplanes.com] premiered the record. As we’ve come to expect with APSPDR+, this remix is a complete re-imagining of the original track. Whereas Taylor Swift’s version is a carefully crafted, country-tinged pop song, APSPDR+ has […]

Taylor Swift Up For Eminem Collaboration: “I Love Hip-Hop So Much”

Taylor Swift has revealed that she would love to collaborate with Eminem. The singer said that she is a fan of hip-hop, but insisted that she has no plans to start rapping herself. “I love hip-hop so much. There’s something so honest about it,” Swift told InStyle magazine. Asked if she would jump on a […]