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Kanye West Spazzes Out On Sway

Kanye West went into another rant during his Sway In The Morning interview yesterday, only this time, it was directed at the person sitting right next to him! Always the professional, Sway kept his composure, and things were eventually smoothed over and the interview continued. Check it out in full below…the exchange goes down around […]

Chance The Rapper Turned Down A Deal With TDE

Chance The Rapper is garnering quite a buzz in the music industry, and labels are itching to sign the Chicago rapper…including his good friends over at TDE. While talking to Sway on MTV Rapfix last week, Chance revealed that he turned down a contract from them, but explains why it’s still all love. Get More: […]

Young Jeezy Removes “Young” From His Name

Jeezy is grown now, and he wants the world to know it. Stopping by Rap Fix Live yesterday afternoon, he informed Sway that he’s no longer going by Young Jeezy. Boss. Get More: Young Jeezy, RapFix Live, Full Episodes Related posts: No related posts.

Ashanti Denies Nelly Was Ever Her Boyfriend

Ashanti and Nelly were close for almost a decade, but now they’ve gone their separate ways and Ashanti is denying they ever were an item. When asked about it by Sway recently on his Shade 45 morning show, her response was “Who said we had a relationship?” Ouch! Related posts: No related posts.

MTV’s Sway Calloway Responds To Kanye West

“When I vote, people get emotional” Sway responded to the shade thrown at him and makes it clear that though he is the creator of the annual MTV’s Hottest MC list, he does not vote…and admits that Kanye did indeed give him his first television, BUT there is more to the story. He also says […]

A$AP Rocky Feels He’s The Hottest MC Out

The MTV Hottest MC list has EVERYONE talking. A$AP Rocky came in at number 8 on the list, and he’s not seeing how that could have happened. During an interview in L.A., he states his case as to why he should have been numero uno. Related posts: No related posts.

Kanye West Goes Off On Sway & MTV Over Hottest MC List

Kanye West isn’t too pleased with his spot on this year’s MTV list for the Hottest MCs, coming in at number 7, behind his protegé Big Sean. Calling into the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 today, Yeezy went off on the MTV staff responsible, and made sure to add that he’s the one that […]