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Big Fee Feat. Brown Bomber 313 & Stereo Boyz – Vader Mean

Sith in the Streets; The New Big 3 of Detroit. Big Fee, Stereo Boyz and Tha Brown Bomber 313 have joined forces and destroying Al-deron places at the right time, in this new track off Big Fee’s upcoming 2nd album “&ONE Full Metal Emcee” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wIyj0UDC-E&feature=youtu.be Related posts: No related posts.

Stereo Boyz – Drago

The Stereo Boyz release another free remix of “Drago”, the fourth single off their album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”. The Remix was done by Applauze Beetz, also known as Mixo, MC and producer of the Stereo Boyz. Applauze Beetz put his own spin on the Sacramento Knoxx’ produced track “Drago” with a more New School, […]

Stereo Boyz – Drago

The Stereo Boyz release the fourth single off their album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” along with a video, better yet, a music film by Sacramento Knoxx. Knoxx, who also produced the song, is a multi talented member of the Stereo Crew and shot, directed and edited the “Drago” visuals. “For the spiritual energy to be […]

Stereo Boyz – RayBanz

In celebration of the release of their album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” the Stereo Boyz want to give everyone one of peoples’ favorite songs off the album for free. It’s their way of saying Thank You for checking out the record, supporting it and all the positive feedback. The song “RayBanz” was well received with […]

Stereo Boyz – Carz, Clubz & Theaterz

Today the Stereo Boyz celebrate the digital release of their official debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”. After three years as the Stereo Boyz and countless Mixtapes, EPs and Songs, Mixo and Mic Audio are happy to present a piece of art that has been very carefully put together. Download The Mixtape HERE Carz, Clubz […]

Edo G & Stereo Boyz – Behind The Mic

“Behind The Mic” is the new video from German producer iGadget featuring Edo G and the Stereo Boyz. During their tour stop in Berlin, Germany the Stereo Boyz recorded their vocals as well as video scenes for this collabo with Edo G and iGadget (Beatevolution). The video was shot both in Berlin and Detroit. While […]

SDSC (Soul Daad & Stereo Boyz / Stereo Crew) – Oh La La La

Today Stereo Crew & Soul Daad release the first video off their free LP “AMSTERTROIT”. The song and video “Oh La La La” were recorded in Amsterdam during the Stereo Boyz’ recent Europe Tour. The track was produced by Soul Daad’s Vice Vic who sampled the classic “Fu-Gee-La”. Of course coming from Amsterdam, you can […]

SDSC [Soul Daad & Stereo Boyz / Stereo Crew] – AMSTERTROIT [VMG Approved]

Stereo Crew & Soul Daad release their free LP AMSTERTROIT. As the title hints, this album is a result of Detroit and Amsterdam collaborating. Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam’s Soul Daad recently to produce and record “Amstertroit”. The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats and […]