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New Music: Medaforacle – Smoke Produced By Dope Boyz Muzic | @medaforacle

New Music: Medaforacle – Smoke Produced By Dope Boyz Muzic Medaforacle is one of the nicest artist in the southwest region of the USA. He has dropped banger after banger after banger for the past 5 years. His track record of smash hit singles are unmatched within the marketplace.   The name of the new […]

Corey Kushington – Smoke | @CoreyKushington

New Video: Corey Kushington – Smoke MMK Entertainment artist Corey Kushington’s releases a new music video for his single “Smoke” off his EP “Hood Hippie Vol. 3”. When he isn’t working on music, he is at the gym or creating and designing “spray art” or clothes. Recently, Corey “Kushington” Allen became the VP of MMK […]

Morgan Freeman Defends Marijuana Use, Supports Legalization

Morgan Freeman shoots down opposition to marijuana legalization Morgan Freeman is one of the most dynamic personas in Hollywood, and he may have just reached a new level of interesting, if that was even at all possible. The man who could probably narrate a snail’s daily regiment and make it interesting has defended his own […]