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Hynief Grabbed Up JoJo Simmons For “Running His Mouth”

Over the weekend, Skull Gang member Hynief ran up on JoJo Simmons for talking about Juelz Santana, and the photo went viral on the web. JoJo spoke out previously and said he doesn’t want to resort to violence, and now Hynief shares his side…and says he “let JoJo live.” No related posts.

JoJo Simmons Talks Getting Choked Up By Juelz Crew

Over the weekend, Juelz Santana’s boy Hynief ran up on Jojo Simmons over some lyrics he’d rapped about Juelz a few months back. The photo went viral, so Jojo addressed the attack during an interview at a video shoot a few days later. I don’t think his father would approve. No related posts.