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Forbes Releases Their Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2015

Forbes just released their annual list of Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists. Dr. Dre made a run for the crown, but Sean “Diddy” Combs has the crown thanks to his Bad Boy record label, Revolt TV, Ciroc, Sean Jean clothing line and other business. The whole list is below. Forbes 5 Wealthiest Artists of 2015: […]

Diddy to Receive Honorary Doctorate and Deliver Commencement Speech At Howard University

News broke about rapper, self-made busniessman Sean “Diddy” Combs  delivering this year’s commencement speech at Howard University. Not on only will Diddy be delivering a speech, he along with five others will be receiving a honorary doctorate degree in humanities. For those who didn’t know. Diddy did infact attend Howard Univeristy in the late 1980’s before dropping out and launching his career […]

Drake Snatches Diddy’s Mic In The Club

While Drizzy was performing on stage during All-Star Weekend, the mic he had wasn’t good enough, so he opted for the one next to him. It just so happened to be in Diddy’s hands. Watch the hilarious moment below. Related posts: No related posts.

Sean “Diddy” Combs Speaks On The Possibility Of Becoming Hip Hop’s First Billionaire

Diddy recently topped Forbes’ list for top earners in hip hop (something he’s getting used to doing by this point), and thus sat down with the people at Forbes to discuss his business model, how much he has in the bank, and his potential to become rap’s first billionaire. When asked if he felt he […]

Prince Sends Janelle Monáe A Singing Telegram

To celebrate the release of Janelle Monae’s new album The Electric Lady, Prince decided to send a singing telegram to her dressing room. Remixing his song “Kiss” to be customized for the songstress, the emotional moment was all captured on film by Diddy’s camera crew. Related posts: No related posts.

Forbes Magazine Names Wealthiest Artists in Hip-Hop

When informed that his net worth would be estimated at a little over $100 million this year, 50 Cent said simply, “That’s cool.” After being asked to elaborate…“Oh, you want me to tell you an exact number?” “I’ve got way more.” April 15th,2013 issue of Forbes Magazine For the third consecutive year Sean “Diddy” Combs […]

Sean “Diddy” Combs & Mark Wahlberg Launch AQUAhydrate

Diddy’s not just slinging alcohol anymore. The music mogul along with actor/producer Mark Wahlberg announced a joint venture with Southern California-based fitness and wellness water brand, AQUAhydrate.“As a brand architect, I am incredibly passionate and equally committed to every aspect of the businesses that I get involved with,” Puff said in a statement. “Partnering with […]

What’s The Difference Between The Forbes Five & Hip-Hop Cash Kings

Five years ago FORBES released its first-ever Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, and a slew of lyrical mentions followed. In 2007, Jay-Z, Diddy and 50 Cent released “I Get Money (The Forbes 1-2-3 Billion Dollar Remix).” Akon followed with “Forbes Cash King” in 2009; the following year, Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy released “Billionaire.” According to […]

G-Dep’s Murder Confession

As G-Dep is currently on trial for his 2010 confession of a nearly 20 year old killing, the police footage has been revealed of the actual confession. Thing is, what he admits to on this tape doesn’t match the description of the original person he’d walked into an NY precinct weeks before and admitted to […]